Teone Reinthal Natural Perfume Mogra

Each Teone Reinthal Natural Perfume is classified by its main accord category, although many fragrances span a couple of genres and may also be more intricately defined by sub-groups such as:- spicy/woody ambers or green/floral chypres etc. The singular definition offers a simple location for the fragrances and enables wearers to add their own distinctions as they experience the compositions.

Due to the large number of fragrances in the collection (currently 68), perfumes are available bi-seasonally (warm/hot and cool/cold), as defined by and aligned with the southern hemisphere where the fragrances are located. This bi-seasonal availability means that the fragrance ingredients are at their best, and perform beautifully within the climactic conditions in which they were flowering/fruiting, and harvested.

Most typically, ambers and leathers are best suited to cool and cold weather, and florals, chypres, colognes and fougeres are better suited to warmer weather. Some compositions run contrary to this general rule of thumb.


Ambers:- Ambrosia, Batavia, Black Spruce, Blue Lotus, East, Embers, Gossamer Roads, Labyrinth, Lyonesse, Mahila, Meta, Mind, Mokaya, Myrrh, Night Song, Ritual, Rose Embers, Rococo, Wan Chai

Chypres:- Antarctica, Artemis, Attar of Roses, Bodhi, Botticelli, Chopin, Earl Grey, Free Spirit, Incense, Quintessence, Snowfall, Soul, Sylvana, Tallemaja, Tristan, Yseult, Violet Firefly

Colognes:- Barcelona, Janpath, Juniper Bay, Moonlight, Tansy

Florals:- Blossom, Body, Dragonboat, Jasmine Yuzu, Lemongrass, Light, Mary Jane, May Rose, Oasis, Rose Potion, Sacred, Tea Rose Mimosa, Pema, Ruby, Spirit, Yasym

Fougeres:- Gondwana, Fleurs Sauvages, Lemuria, Mogra

Leathers:- La Selva Sagrada, Hussar, Odile, Pagan

Discontinued:- (Please note that discontinued fragrances have simply been replaced or superseded by improved formulas):- Audrey (replaced by Violet Firefly), Hanky Panky (replaced by La Selva Sagrada) and Mikhail’s formula incorporated into several new sketches currently in the lab.