There’s a whole lot of guff that surrounds perfume and its multi-billion dollar industry. I’m very cynical about all of it. I’m a strange, introverted artist who deliberately goes against the grain. You’ll never see me at swank parties or lavish events; people+booze scares me. I deeply appreciate being paid for my work, but I’m not driven to chase money. I don’t network, build empires or talk very much. I just really love making perfume and quiet places. These days I mostly only wear my own perfume, it ticks all the boxes and I know what’s in it. I won’t rant about naturals versus synthetics, as I’m really only focused on composing real perfume. Not remedies, not divine elixirs, no angels or ascended masters helped me (well, none that I’m aware of). I make no claims about what my perfumes will or can do for you, only that I’m a demanding nose and I require my fragrances to be seamlessly blended, to arouse wonder in the wearer and create sufficient longevity and sillage.

I am not a member of any guilds, foundations, committees, forums, clubs or societies. I don’t enter competitions or contests, my art stands on its own merits. TRNP fragrances are not sold or distributed by any other businesses, individuals or retail outlets, nor will they be. They are limited edition works of art exclusively available from me.

William Blake said I must create a system, or be enslaved by another man’s. I will not reason and compare: my business is to create.

I love that.