The ethos; the very spirit and character of Teone Reinthal Natural Perfume is above all else, an aspiration for freedom. For me, personal freedom flows when I respond to life instinctively through creative expression. Such freedom may be rare and precious, and yet, freedom is also a human right. The freedom to live peacefully, the freedom to love and be loved is our birthright and our truest nature. Freedom exists and even flourishes in the face of oppression, because true freedom arises first in human hearts and minds.

During a dark time in my life, I wandered into a forest of fragrant dreams and began blending simple aromatherapy perfumes. My fascination for, and total immersion in natural, botanical ingredients became a compelling and creative focus in following my nose. The healing application of that focus commenced a joyful process of liberation from trauma and sorrow. These days, my works are sophisticated fine fragrances – venturing over all the world.

Natural perfume is, for me, the very heart and the touchstone of a freedom that enables me to be, and become, all that I am.

Natural perfume is, for me, the very heart and the touchstone of a freedom that

1. All testing is done on humans (me first). No animal testing ever.

2. Aside from organic beeswax used in the solid perfumes, all other products are 100% vegan, and all my fragrances are gluten-free.

3. As an independent perfume artist, my motivation to compose natural perfume has been entirely shaped by an intense fascination with the classic masterpieces of such exemplary French perfume houses as Guerlain, Chanel, Dior, Hermes and Jean Patou (among many others). I set out to discover if – and how – I could craft my own original and luminous wonders within the constraints of a totally natural palette. Although my fine fragrances are entirely composed of natural ingredients, they do not in any way smell like aromatherapies; they are works of art.

4. I don’t use synthetics, its a personal choice, and largely driven by the fact that I am an aromatherapist (among other things) and I love pure plant essences. This is not to say that pure essential oils are entirely benign, nor does it imply that all synthetics are hazardous to human health. It is really about the complexities of pure plant essences that cannot be synthesised. This feature alone totally captures my imagination.

5. All of my natural botanical products are uncompromisingly beautiful luxury items; every product is lovingly crafted from the very best quality of natural ingredients. Each item is hand-blended to ensure an experience of pure pleasure. Treat yourself with the absolute confidence that these goods are indeed ‘goods’.

6. Be generous when wearing naturals, they are very strong, but may require reapplication a little sooner than synthetic fragrances because they are not artificially boosted to ‘stick’ like lacquer to your skin. My philosophy is not to assault others with an overwhelming sillage. The radiance of each fragrance is best dosed to create an intimate aura of fragrance, whereby a person standing nearby may enjoy your fragrance but a roomful of people won’t wilt from asphyxiation. Sillage is best experienced in the caress of a gentle breeze. Longevity depends on several factors: ambient temperature, skin moisture content, humidity, activity and of course, the fixative components of the fragrance. In general, an oriental amber will last longer than a white floral. A great way to extend the scent-life is to moisturise your skin, or layer with the matching unguent before you apply your fragrance. This is true for all perfumes (natural and synthetic) which fade faster on very dry skin. Most of my perfumes last 2-4 hours after application – I tend to take my bottle with me to reapply after a few hours. It really depends on personal taste.

TRNP frangipani

Absolutes as defined by ISO 9235
Alcohol: 95PG F4 perfumery grade neutral cane ethanol with 0.25% tertiary butyl alcohol as denaturant
Beeswax (organic) used in solid perfumes
Butter/Concrete: as defined by ISO 9235
Essential oils: as defined by ISO 9235
Resins: as defined by ISO 9235
Tinctures: as defined by ISO 9235
Vegetable Oils: Jojoba, Moringa Seed, Organic Extra Virgin Hemp Seed, Fractionated Coconut
Water: pure filtered

Aroma-chemicals from chemical synthesis of petroleum derivatives.
Natural molecules (Isolates) from bio technology
GMO ingredients
Oil Mineral
Parabens, Pthalates, Boosters, Artificial colours
Preservatives (natural) ex. wheat germ oil
Preservatives (synthetic) ex. vitamin C
Wax from petroleum