Teone Reinthal Natural Perfume is presented in distinctively beautiful bottles; vintage Italian glass, and vintage French crystal flacons which are all stoppered by screw-on caps. The Italian glass bottles were made by Braun, and the vintage French crystal flacons by Vererrie Cristal D’Arques. These elegant and prestigious bottles were typically sold in department stores as luxury items for people to decant their favourite fragrances into. The perfume must be dabbed on with fingers and re-applied as desired. This is a sensual and beautiful way to apply perfume, it hearkens back to the practice of anointing and beautifying oneself in a ritual of luxury and splendour.

The flacons are, most importantly, environmentally sustainable as each bottle may be used again and again; the components of each bottle is minimised to bottle and cap (without the addition of plastic and metals used in crimped bottles with atomiser syringes which can only be used once. Each vintage flacon is beautifully crafted and aesthetically pleasing to hold, to use and to admire. They feel good, look good and provide an exceptional canvas for the superb contents.

In addition we also offer a number of other bottle sizes which include:- 2ml testers (stopper vials & spray atomisers), 5ml spray atomisers, 30ml and 35ml spray atomisers, 100m (dab-on in 2 shapes) and 10ml Scent Pencil spray atomisers in 2 sizes (long with black caps and short with gold caps). All TRNP spray atomisers are screw-threaded and may be rinsed and re-used. We proudly commit to reducing the amount of non-biodegradable rubbish in the world and are thrilled to offer sustainable options for you to use again and again. Fragrance refills are available for our flacons.