It’s almost impossible to convey the aromatic splendour of natural perfume in writing, …it’s a little bit like dancing about architecture… yet, if perfume could dance, here’s something of how these beauties would move… (thanks to the lovely people of Ubud).

“Although these beautiful perfumes conjure myriad archetypes and cultural impressions, they are absolutely un-gendered and entirely suitable for anyone to wear”

Teone Reinthal’s Natural Botanical Perfumes synergise with you, collaborating with your natural chemistry to slow-release volatile plant essences on the exhaled breaths and pulses of your body. These aromatic stories evolve as the day lives, starting bright and bold as morning, drifting and dancing with you into the reverie of dusk… lingering, languid in the darkness as you float off your pillow on the mysterious path of your unconscious traveler.