Many of Teone Reinthal’s Natural Perfumes are presented in distinctive, vintage French crystal flacons (perfume bottles) which are stoppered by a screw-on cap. The bottles were made in France by Vererrie Cristal D’Arques and were typically sold in department stores as luxury items for people to decant their favourite fragrances into. The juice (perfume contents) is to be dabbed on with the fingers and re-applied as desired. This is a sensual and beautiful way to apply perfume, it hearkens back to the ritual of anointing and beautifying oneself in a ritual of luxury and splendour.

These flacons are, most importantly, environmentally sensible and sustainable as each crystal bottle and each glass bottle may be used again and again, and the components of each bottle is minimised to bottle and cap (without the addition of plastic and metals used in crimped bottles with atomiser syringes which can only be used once. All of my spray atomiser bottles are screw threaded to be re-used. The elegant finish of each flacon is beautifully crafted and aesthetically pleasing to hold, use and to admire. They feel good, look good and provide an exceptional canvas for the superb contents.

Additional bottle sizes include:- glass 3ml testers (stopper vials & spray atomisers), 5ml travel size (roll-on & spray atomisers), 15ml (dab-on, roll-on & atomisers), 50ml German Braun vintage glass (dab-on glass blocks), 30ml, 50ml & 100m crystal flacons (dab-on in 3 shapes), and 100ml vintage German Braun glass flacons (splash on ribbed glass hip flask with gold metal cap).


Teone Reinthal Natural Perfume May Rose


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